Al's Big Band/Small Orchestra gig!

On April 14th 2018, myself and the Mike Smith Big Swing Band did our second concert at Melksham Assembly Hall.

When I took over Mike's band, I decided to add a string section to the band. This meant a good few late nights writing the music, but I tell you what, it ain't half worth it!

On outstanding vocals for the second year running we had Katy Treharne, Daniel James and Catherine Sykes. We had our regular rhythm section of Paul Smith, Terry Gregory and Nigel Hart. These guys are such a pleasure to work with, and I try to book them on every gig I do! The brass and strings were superb, and the audience weren't bad either!

Like all concerts of this type, it is hard to drum up enough support. As you would imagine with a 19-piece band plus crew, it comes with a big of a price tag. Great thanks has to go to our event organiser Dennis, who cajoles and persuades, and tries to get a full house.

Thanks to everyone who continues to support The Mike Smith Big Swing Band. YOU ARE APPRECIATED!