ROOSEVELT- Somewhere In The City-2

Wow, it's hard to believe that a whole year has passed since Roosevelt's gig last year at The Globe!

I have been lucky to be part of some memorable gigs in the last year, and along with the fab James Warren and Friends gigs, and also my own extravaganza back in March, last years 'Somewhere In The City' was one of the high points.


So here we are again, but this year is even bigger. Alongside the films and the stories, we have added a kicking horn section. To say it fits is an understatement! I think we all feel that we are kind of in 'E-Street Band' territory... the sound is so massive! We have some great new material, and I reckon a new album is not far down the road.

We would love you to come and see what all the fuss is about tomorrow night. Meanwhile here is a great song called 'Down To The River'. My daughter Leah did this video, and hand-drew a good few of the scenes. Not bad eh?!!

We also have an amazing special guest called Bryony Sier. I have known Bryony for about 6 years, but it was when we were on the same bill as her, that the guys said, 'We would LOVE to have her as support!.. do you think she would?'. Have a look at this!!

... then buy a ticket here!!!

ROOSEVELT - Somewhere In The City 2