Al Steele - Live! Loud! and Unleashed - Finally the video is edited!

Well it didn't take long - only 14 months to edit the films from my gig! To be fair, I have been working on them steadily, but finally had a chance to put them together as the gig ran.

There were a lot if wild moments, a bleedin' fantastic band(!) and some great guests. I am so pleased with how it has come out that I would love to share it around! In fact meet the band!

To that end, as a starter I am hosting a WATCH PARTY on Facebook tomorrow evening (Monday 13th May)... A WHAT?!! To be fair, I am not too up on how exactly it works, but is a bit like you all come around to my place and we turn the TV on and watch a film... except you don't have to come around to my place! If you are a Facebook user (even an occasional one) then just click on Al Steele Facebook  and lo and behold it will be going on. If you like or hate something you can comment, and if someone misses something tell me and we will do a little pause and rewind.

Guests for the first half were Born to Win, Boyd Clack, Nigel Voyle and James Warren. As I did not have multi-track sound for the first half I have just included one song each. The second half is my 2017 album 'Coming Up From Down Under performed live with theatrics/projection laughter and tears! There are a few surprises along the way, and we have a rip-roaring finale

Here is a little taster!

Get down with the kids and join me tomorrow for my WATCH PARTY!
Caio Al