From the recording Coming Up From Down Under

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I have always loved the film Casablanca. It has so many memorable lines, and apparently the script was minimal, so Humphrey Bogart made much of it up. I wrote 'Nobody Ever Loved Me That Much' and tried to get in as many of those famous quotes as I could. I had also toured there on 3 separate occasions, playing at big sports arenas. Surreal, mind-boggling tours! There is no truth in the rumour that a video exists of me performing this song dressed in a white tuxedo, shot in the half light of my kitchen...


Any heart in the world you could find
And you had to walk into mine
So how will it end up this time
I go to bed dreaming, and I wake up screaming
I didn't count the days, I didn't count the nights
Not once did I wish I was holding you
I didn't wait up, I didn't pace the floor
When you begged me to stay, I just walked out the door
You ask me would I, give up my life
Give up my freedom just to be with you
Well I have to say, I have to come clean
It didn't even cross my mind
And here's the reason why