1. Song For Ceri

From the recording Coming Up From Down Under

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Now this may sound like a weird way to go about it, but I had decided to write a song for Ceri's birthday. However, 2 days prior I had nothing! So, I am in Germany for one day doing a gig, and in between the sound check and dinner, I have one hour to write this song. So I looked in my diary, and then made a list, knowing I had only 1 day to record it before Ceri's birthday. This is the result. Sometimes, you don't need time, you just need pressure!


I caught a boat out to Liberty Island
And felt the wind that whistles through Glencoe
Saw Michael Brecker down at Ronnie Scott's
Now what should I do where should I go
There were lots of yachts down in the South of France
And the Empire State was all lit up
Then I did a gig at The Engineers
Now I'm driving up to the Isle of Skye so just fill her up
And all the thing that I have had
And the places I have been
Well I put them in a box
And I tied the string
But they didn't compare
No not even close
They didn't add up to half
Of what you mean to me
Well the food was great at the Chinese New Year
Had a birthday return to the land of Oz
I even caught Mahler's 3rd at the Opera House
Sunbathing in Surfer's in a winter that never was
After 25 years, I came back to my hometown
John and I tried to find a farm that had long since gone
And on the way back we flew right over Cardiff
And as the dawn broke I wondered what was to come
Oh I can hear it on the wind
Calling calling me back again