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I really don't know who this song is about. I sometimes feel I do, and then it's gone again. For a song that has a chorus of one-liners, there is nothing jokey about it. If I was ever going to stand up and sing a song, this would be it, really from the heart. I wanted the obvious Dylan reference, he was great at this kind of song


there's too much on her plate, but she won't keep you waiting
and she hasn't got the money, but she always pays the bill
she wants to go to China, she knows she never get there
and I'm all that she's got, and the last thing she needs
she fills up like a sponge
and she falls like Niagara
like a feather in the breeze
she says don't let me down please
like a hotel lobby porter
she's always stood up
and that's when she breaks
like a little girls toy
she makes it too easy, to be taken for granted
and she always wears a bracelet, and her heart on her sleeve
she knows when to be silent, and that's most of the time
and she knows how it feels, to be washed away in the flood
and that's when she breaks     x2
like a little girls toy