1. These Walls

From the recording Coming Up From Down Under

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This was a bit older, but always had a place here. It has those funny jangly jazz overtones, and it was about absolute rejection, of any falsehoods. I was believing in this ideal, and ready to move on, emotionally and musically.


Dreamers dream, and schemers scheme
Me, I thought you were perfection
Sometimes things are not what they seem
Looks like I finally learned my lesson
He bought you, for a drink or two
And you had one too many
And that's how I come to be on the run
On a road that's never ending
Was it in your heart or in my head
I thought I knew, when love was true
Who's been sleeping in my bed
When I built up these walls, a hurricane blew
Into the wind I swore, that I would never break them down
Oh these walls, they quiver and shake
But I will stand tall, and I will never break them down for you
I fell back into your tender trap
Didn't we share the same sensations
All those goodbyes behind your eyes
Put it down to imagination
Not in your heart, just in my head
Up on the screen, the final scene
So it ends like this
Not for you, I will never break them down
For you, maybe for someone true
But not for you, I will never break them down, no