POSTPONED TILL 2020 The Korgis - Live at Last in Scotland

Backstage at the Green, 2 Muirs, Kinross KY13 8AS

Due to our illustrious leader having a nasty back disorder, The Korgis are very sorry to have to postpone the next two gigs in Kinross and Black Dyke Mills. James has a host of people pampering him and plying him with drugs (well he IS a rock god!), so we are expecting him to be fit and well by the 22nd for The Wharf in Tavistock. We will announce the new dates ASAP, and would love to see you all on the new dates.

The Korgis are delighted to announce our first Scottish date! November 14th at Kinross, Backstage at the Green. This venue only holds 120 people so BOOK NOW! The proprietor David Mundell has some amazing memorabilia all over the venue. Worth the ticket price alone we reckon!!!