From the recording Coming Up From Down Under

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'Coming Up From Down Under', is NOT autobiographical! This song was written about the inescapable rise of Australian soaps. Everyone that wasn't avidly watching them was probably thinking the same as me. As one of my favourite lines goes... 'You must be joking! Shakespearean verse says 'You guys are choking me'.
Theatrical tragedy falls to the sword of surfing, and small talk - 'HAS ANYBODY SEEN BOUNCER?!!!'


COMING UP FROM DOWN UNDER            Al Steele 3/9/97-4/12/97

In the beginning there was the stone age
We all sat round in cave's and lit fire's and stuff
Drew pretty picture's on the wall when we were bored
Killed wild animal's to show that we were tough
Then sometime later came Edison and the Lighthouse
Powered by electricity the saviour of the world
The hairdryer's and heater's and hamburger's gave us hope
Worst thing of all they gave us soap, and it's all
Coming up from down under
You asked for my blessing and I gave you my curse
I'm coming up from down under
Jelly gone bad and just about to get worse
You must be joking
Shakespearian verse says 'You guys are choking me'
Theatrical tragedy falls to the sword of surfing and small talk
'Has anybody seen bouncer?'
Sometimes I have this inescapable impulse
To gather up all the TV's in the world
And go down to the beach and wait for that big wave
And send them all off surfing to the grave