1. Box Clever

Box Clever was written way back in the 80's when I was listening a lot to Toto, Boz Scaggs and Chicago. Being a guitarist, I loved that American Rock sound. Here is my take on it.


Box Clever Summer '88 - 3/2/89 Edited 29/9/15

every time she walks on by
you think I don't see that look in your eye
do you think I was born blind
we've been together for so long
from where I stand now, it's over it's gone
it's all over Johnny
are you out of your mind?
she says "it's no big deal,
why don't you give it a try"
hang on, cool head, wise up
how about you walk on by?

I taught you how to fight, taught you how to win
when they counted you out, I picked you up again
picked you up again so why don't you
box clever, ooh Johnny box clever
'cause you're no Superman, it's a dangerous world
see the needle in her hand keep away from that girl
keep away from her, and why don't you
box clever, Johnny box clever

'cause in the street you're not so tough
she's after your blood, she's taken enough
don't talk to me about love
you wonder why I get so mad
I'm giving you the one chance I never had
and you're blowing it Johnny
you don't understand
when she says "come here boy
and get your kicks like a man"
she's just looking for someone
to walk down her blue avenue
how 'bout you?


close your eyes and count to ten
she'll be nowhere in sight
when you open them
she's gone, so long
bye bye
you needed that kind of freind, since when?